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    The Future of Airport Concessions is Here.

Pacific Gateway Concessions (PGC) is a leading airport concessionaire with retail and food and beverage operations from coast to coast. Since the company’s founding in 1998 we have risen to the top of the airport industry, propelled by our vision for exceeding the expectations of the dynamic travelers we serve.

We are a West Coast company with an extremely strong operations platform from Northern California all the way down to Texas. In 2009 PGC opened multiple retail locations at John F. Kennedy International Airport with leading brands from Godiva Chocolatier and Bluwire to Where Traveler. As our presence has expanded, so has our commitment to quality, customer focused service. From the hottest brands, to partnerships with talented local entrepreneurs, PGC brings to airports a unique approach to business that is squarely focused on knowing the travelers we serve so that we can anticipate exactly what they hope to find the next time they happen through an airport.





“PGC is an industry leader because our team makes the traveler experience central to all aspects of our operations. We bring innovative brands to enhance the traveler experience and ensure that every time they pass through a PGC retail or food & beverage location they find exactly what they are looking for and receive nothing short of outstanding service. ”
Javier Vega, Managing Member